1-1 Self regulation coaching

Are you dealing with chronic fatigue, CFS/ME, other neuro-immune-nervous system disorders or you are HSP but you feel dysregulated? During the coaching we explore ways to bring regulation to your system, so you can return to the 'rest & digest' state of the nervous system.

Do you recognise yourself in the following questions? 

- How do I deal with my symptoms? (fatigue, pain, cognitive problems, oversensitivity, tensions, gut issues, emotional instability)

- How do I deal with worries, anxiety, panic about my illness or life in general? 

- I feel easily exhausted after any activity, how to respond to my exhaustion in a better way? 

- How to respond to feelings of overwhelm, being full, wired and tired? 

- How to be in the world in a more regulated way? (and for HSP's, HSP but regulated)

- Where are my boundaries? and what to do when I have reached my boundary? 

- What does it mean to be more sensitive in this world? I want to better my understanding

"It wouldn't be an overstatement to say Paulien's coaching saved my life. For over a year I had been struggling just to get through the day, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Even after just one session, it felt like someone had put a plug back in me. I felt more capable, more in control and quickly started regaining my energy. The parts work she had me do made me realize that I was exhausted because I was resisting some fundamental parts of myself, and that those parts were responsible for behaviors (like mindlessly searching the internet) that I was trying to actively resist. As soon as I stopped resisting the parts and addressed them instead of resisting them, I immediately felt so much better. I almost couldn't believe it was so simple, but at the same time, I could never have done it without Paulien's support and insight. She is incredibly perceptive and talented! -" Eve (France)

About the coaching

As a practitioner in NLP, Healing Touch, and brain & nervous system retraining, we experiment with different approaches to help your system to become more regulated. So you can:

- Understand yourself better through psycho-education and nervous system know-how.
- Soothe yourself in every situation
- Being able to act upon effectively on different nervous system responses (fight/flight/freeze)
- Being more grounded in your body
- More in contact with your essential qualities, your functional wise loving self
- Being able to respond to inner feelings in a constructive way
- Embracing your sensitivity

Fees & Payments

Coaching fees are income dependet Fees per hour / including 21% VAT
Single / household with partner - income < 50.000 euro a year € 120
Single / household with partner - income between 50.000 and 120.000 € 135
Single / household with partner - income > 120.000 euro a year € 155
Coaching for training porpuses € 130
Invoice: you will receive an invoice at the end of the month in your email.
Payment: bank, Wise, PayPal.
Cancellation policy: give me 48 hours' notice if you are unable to attend, otherwise unless there are extenuating circumstances I charge the full fee of the missed session.

How to start coaching? 

1. Contact me.
2. Paulien will email you and schedule a session.
3. You will receive an intake form.
4. You will receive a personal Zoom link for the call.
5. Paulien will call you at the time and date you have agreed on.
6. You will receive the invoice for the call at the end of the month.


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