"I would really like to thank Paulien for her insightful coaching sessions which I have enjoyed over the past few months.  I had previously been following the Gupta Program for about a year and derived enormous benefit particularly from the weekly webinars with Ashok. I realised I was looking for some deeper insights into some of the personal issues that had come up for me and Paulien was the perfect 'sounding board'. Her warmth and understated explanations have helped to deepen my experience not only of the Gupta program but in many areas of my life which I believe has resulted in a much healthier and happier me!  I would like to think I could call on Paulien again some time in the future for more of her valuable insights." FG (UK)


"It wouldn't be an overstatement to say Paulien's coaching saved my life. For over a year I had been struggling just to get through the day, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Even after just one session, it felt like someone had put a plug back in me. I felt more capable, more in control and quickly started regaining my energy. The parts work she had me do made me realize that I was exhausted because I was resisting some fundamental parts of myself, and that those parts were responsible for behaviors (like mindlessly searching the internet) that I was trying to actively resist. As soon as I stopped resisting the parts and addressed them instead of resisting them, I immediately felt so much better. I almost couldn't believe it was so simple, but at the same time, I could never have done it without Paulien's support and insight. She is incredibly perceptive and talented! -" Eve (France)


"To work with Paulien is wonderful. She has so much compassion and knowledge. And she always looks at my individual situation and tries to find what helps me or she helps me to find what is too stressful or too much, also to find my individual way with the Gupta Programm. She encourages me to listen to my inner voice…"- V.R. (Germany)


"Paulien is truly wonderful to work with. She is very professional in handling everything, as well as delightful to speak with. I especially appreciate and am impressed with how well she listens to exactly what I need and meets me there. There is acceptance and understanding for where I am in my process, and she is gifted with coming up with guidance specific to me to help me move forward." - N.K. (USA)


" When I felt well enough to leave the house, I attended a weekend workshop with Ashok in New York.  So I “knew” the protocol and even got to meet Ashok. But working with you on an individual basis makes it real and personalized.  You give so much more that I ever could have received just through the Gupta program. You have a calming presence that I very much appreciate — and not only because I’m high strung most of the time : ) .   Having CFS is so scary and our sessions made my day-today life, with all its unknowns, less scary, gave me hope and therefore I experienced much less anxiety. Despite the physical symptoms and anxiety around it all, you made me realize there is always a calm place from which to examine things, recognize my competing parts and retreat.  I wouldn’t have realized that on my own. "- S. (USA)


"Working with you has been very helpful. You are a great listener and clearly have a lot of expertise in the area of healing and recovery from these kinds of conditions. You hone in on some of the core issues underlying my health conditions, and on core practices for healing. Our sessions have become increasingly useful as you have gotten to know my particular challenges better and suggestions have become increasingly relevant. You are very insightful and intelligent and clear." - L.S. (USA)


"Paulien has been invaluable at leading me towards a full recovery using the Gupta technique. She has an incredible ability to see what I can’t see. There have been so many blind spots in my technique- on multiple occasions I think I’ve got it all down and figured out, only for her to catch an off hand remark I have made that has highlighted a significant area that I have been ignoring. There are a lot of tools in the toolkit of Gupta and recovery, and without someone like Paulien I think I would have been leaving half the tools unused- and this is despite reading the Gupta book and attending the webinars twice! "- Andrew S. (UK)


"I feel very fortunate to have Paulien as my coach.  Her Gentle and compassionate approach has been instrumental in helping me feel safe while working with deep issues that I can now re-train.  She is very understanding and accommodating to time zone differences and personal circumstances.  Thank you Paulien for your continued support and inspiration during my healing Journey." - Christine C. (Canada)


"I received coaching from Paulien on a single occasion, in which many issues became clear to me in relation to my healing process from ME/CFS. Paulien has a patient, compassionate, and mild approach to coaching which gave me space and time and reassurance to connect with my hurting feelings, my anxious body and my broken loving self. In this way I realized that I was in need of resolving some deeper issues – in order to proceed with my healing. Paulien was also kind to answer concrete follow up questions on e-mail. Thank you Paulien for helping me!" - T. Denmark 


"I contacted Paulien while doing the Gupta program for CFS.  I found the program helpful but needed some extra guidance.  Paulien really helped me connect to self-compassion and loving my inner child which was, I feel, the first major step to making some major lifestyle changes that were stressing me and keeping me ill.  I now make decisions based on what I want or what's good for me rather than feeling like I have to. Learning to love myself unconditionally has calmed me tremendously and is helping me heal.   She is kind, patient and I felt very comfortable during our sessions.  The support she gave was fantastic even between our sessions.  Whenever I emailed her a question, she would thoughtfully respond with helpful, detailed reminders to get me back on track. If you need a kind, understanding and gentle coach, I highly recommend Paulien!" -Kim C., Chicago