1-1 Gupta Program Coaching 

Do you seek coaching in your healing journey with the Gupta Program? 

The Gupta Progam Brain Retraining is neuroplasticity, mindfulness & holistic health program, for healing chronic conditions like chronic fatigue (CFS/ME), IBS, post viral fatigue and other neuro-immuune conditioned syndromes, with it's global clinic based in Londen since 2001.

About the Gupta program

People, who experience chronic fatigue or other neuro-immune conditions most often experience a host of other abnormalities, which raises the question if there isn’t a central abnormality that affects all systems in the body? Within the Gupta program, this is explained through the theory that the brain, who is responsible for the stress responses in our body, gets stuck into a chronic state of hyper-arousal (a fight, flight, freeze.), using all the body’s stored energy which causes exhaustion and many other symptoms like brain fog, cognitive problems, gut issues, and depletion of chemicals.


It is often due to a virus/bacteria infection, emotional/mental, or physical stressor that the brain starts to overreact. As the brain is in communication with the immune system and the nervous system, these 2 systems start to work out of balance too, which can bring the body in a negative spiral, causing more symptoms. The program focuses on interrupting the stress cycle and learning to return back home, back into our natural relaxed state, beingness. Read more about the Gupta program on the website

The program has a: 

  • A paced and compassionate approach to healing
  • As a neuroplasticity program has a Randomized Controlled Trial, scientifically proven its efficiency. For research click here
  • It teaches how to get well and how to stay well
  • Neuroplasticity techniques are combined with holistic health practices
  • We recognize that patients have a history of trauma

" When I felt well enough to leave the house, I attended a weekend workshop with Ashok in New York.  So I “knew” the protocol and even got to meet Ashok. But working with you on an individual basis makes it real and personalized.  You give so much more than I ever could have received just through the Gupta program. You have a calming presence that I very much appreciate — and not only because I’m high strung most of the time : ) .   Having CFS is so scary and our sessions made my day-to-day life, with all its unknowns, less scary, gave me hope and therefore I experienced much less anxiety. Despite the physical symptoms and anxiety around it all, you made me realize there is always a calm place from which to examine things, recognize my competing parts and retreat.  I wouldn’t have realized that on my own. "- S. (USA)

About the coaching

During the coaching, I will use many health practices from the Program including NLP, Parts therapy, Mindfulness, in combination with more body-oriented exercises for nervous system regulation drawn from Somatic work, Healing Touch, and many learnings on the way.

You will learn...

- How to apply and deepen the retraining techniques
- How to work with specific thoughts, feelings, and symptoms
- How to deal with life stressors
- How to bring regulation in a more body-oriented way
- How to deal with stored survival stress (trauma)
- Taking back your power: self-esteem and inner-trust
- How to navigate High Sensitivity (HSP)
- About lifestyle (circadian rhythm, food, etc)
- Mindfulness & pacing
- Motivation and support

After the coaching...

- You will understand yourself better through:
Psycho-education and brain & nervous system know-how
- Being able to respond to inner feelings in a constructive way
- Being able to act upon effectively on different
nervous system responses"fight, flight, freeze
- Soothe yourself in every situation
- Being more grounded in your body
- More in contact with your essential qualities,
your functional wise loving self!
- Feel supported in your healing journey

Fees & Payments

Coaching fees are income dependent Fees per hour / inculding 21% VAT
Single / household with partner - income < 50.000 euro a year € 120
Single / household with partner - income between 50.000 and 120.000 € 135
Single / household with partner - income above 120.000 euro a year € 155
Coaching for training porpuses € 130
Invoice: you will receive an invoice at the end of the month in your email.
Payment: bank, Wise, PayPal.
Cancellation policy: give me 48 hours' notice if you are unable to attend, otherwise unless there are extenuating circumstances I charge the full fee of the missed session.

How to start coaching? 

1. Contact me.
2. Paulien will email you and schedule a session.
3. You will receive an intake form to fill in.
4. You will receive a personal Zoom link for the call.
5. Paulien will call you at the time and date you have agreed on.
6. You will receive the invoice for the call at the end of the month.


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