About me

I'm working as a coach specializing in nervous system regulation.
I work with people who are healing from chronic fatigue, people who are highly sensitive (HSP), or who are dealing with health problems and find themselves just very dysregulated....

As a teenager, I got Lyme and EBV, which was the start of slowly losing my health. Ending up with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and many other health issues. It took me a long time to understand what was happening with me and to find out what I needed to heal.

I studied psychology in my quest for answers. I Finished with a master's degree in Social Psychology. At that time I had already followed all kinds of regiments, protocols, and diets. I came across the Gupta program through a family friend, which gave me a whole different understanding of what might be going on with me.

I left for France with my partner so he could continue his work as a neuroscientist. This gave me a break from the fast-paced life at home, where I was surrounded by so many impressions that I found it hard to feel my own flow and intuition. During this time I followed courses in energy work (Healing Touch), Trauma and Nervous system healing, EFT, meditation. Growing my understanding of my own body and mind. I started to be better able to regulate myself, on one side through mental/emotional work, and on the other side through a more body-oriented approach involving touch, movement, and energy work.

In winter 2021 we came back to the Netherlands. My partner ready to change the course of his career into Forestry. And I started to study at the Institute for Transpersonal & Gestalt Therapy. Together we are on our path to living a life that is supporting our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet.

My journey is by no means over. I’m still learning every day. CFS had a huge impact on me. And still, I can have a good cry about it. At the same time,  I know now that life is really good if we are able to retrun back home, back into our body and our heart. 

Since 2012 I’m a certified coach for the Gupta Program. I work in a lovely team of coaches and together we continue deepening our understanding of chronic fatigue and other syndromes that have their roots in the brain and nervous system dysregulation. Together we help people all over the world to heal and to regain their life.



- Master in Social Psychology MSc, University Utrecht

- Certified NLP Practitioner

- Certified Gupta Program Coach 

- Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

- Student Transpersonal & Gestalt Therapy