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Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, CFS/ME, post-viral syndrome, or fatigue due to high sensitivity? Do you find yourself going back and forth between hyper-arousal and exhaustion? In my practice, I coach people who are healing from all kinds of conditions that have their roots in brain and nervous system dysregulation. Together we look at ways to self-regulate so your system can return to a state called 'rest & digest, where the body can rejuvenate and restore.

How does our system get so dysregulated? There are many reasons why we find ourselves dysregulated, exhausted, sensitive, and prone to environmental influences (toxins, wifi, foods, smells.. or other people/places). Some of us have more sensitive nervous systems than others (HSP), trauma/stored survival stress can havoc our nervous system, emotionally taxing life situations, or post-viral syndrome after a virus infection.

1-1 Self-regulation coaching

Working with your chronic fatigue due to better self-regulation. During the coaching, you will learn how to deal effectively with the challenges of your nervous system, state changes (throughs/emotions/energy), and how to find your way back to being regulated, home in your body and your heart.

1-1 Gupta Program coaching

Working with chronic conditions, neuro-immune disorders due to a virus infection, life stressors, or trauma. Together we deepen the tools, individualize the practices, work with specific experiences where you find yourself going into dysregulation, and discover what it is you need.

Others about the coaching: 

"I would really like to thank Paulien for her insightful coaching sessions which I have enjoyed over the past few months.  I had previously been following the Gupta Program for about a year and derived enormous benefits particularly from the weekly webinars with Ashok. I realized I was looking for some deeper insights into some of the personal issues that had come up for me and Paulien was the perfect 'sounding board'. Her warmth and understated explanations have helped to deepen my experience not only of the Gupta program but in many areas of my life which I believe has resulted in a much healthier and happier me!  I would like to think I could call on Paulien again sometime in the future for more of her valuable insights." FG (UK)


The Gupta Program, what is it about? 

The Gupta Brain Retraining Program is a self-help program developed for people who suffer from CFS/ME, anxiety, post-viral syndrome, environmental sensitivities and neuro-immune conditions. 

The program is a brain retraining program based on neuroplasticity, mindfulness, holistic health practices for chronic conditions. 

The theory is that the brain and nervous system cause stress reactions in the body, If we are constantly in stress reactions we get into a loop where the stress reactions cause symptoms, the symptoms cause stress, and our health is going into downwards spiral. This program focuses on breaking this downwards spiral and retraining the brain and nervous system back to health. 

About Paulien

I love nature!! it was a long time one of the few places where I could find some sense of safety, stability, and peace. Even though I was sleeping uncomfortably in a tent, did not digest the food right, felt a constant level of exhaustion, nature lifted me up... because, in some way it was soothing, I could return back into my body and heart.

Very early in life, I got disconnected from myself and prone to stress, viruses, and environmental influences. It took me more than a decade to slowly find my way back to health. I learned to work with myself. Discovering what I needed and when I needed it, and started to give value to the hunches my system was giving me.
My practice is based in the Netherlands since 2012. I speak Dutch and English and I work with people all over the world.

"When we give time to a quieting experience, we have a different life because we have a different nervous system." Marianne Williamson

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